1799/8 $1 13 Reverse Stars MS (PCGS# 6884)

CSNS07 Platinum Night

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1799/8 $1 13 Stars Reverse MS62 NGC. B-1, BB-142, R.4. Die State II. A beautiful example of the die marriage that pairs the 1799/8 Overdate die with the 13 Stars Reverse. The underdigit 8 is quite clear beneath the last 9 in the date. A tiny, near-parallel tine of metal is noted above R of LIBERTY. On the reverse two star points pierce the first cloud, while a star point touches the eagle's lower beak. Prominent die crumbling through the I of RICA promptly identifies the variety, although on this coin, in this die state, it is not as advanced as on some examples seen. Both sides are evenly covered with light silver-gray patina, beneath which considerable luster still radiates. A couple of undistracting ticks on Liberty's cheek and neck likely prevent a higher grade, but this is still a very scarce and quite attractive specimen of this popular overdate silver dollar.
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