1799/8 $1 13 Reverse Stars MS (PCGS# 6884)

Morris Silverman

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1799/8 $1 13 Stars Reverse MS61 NGC. B-2, BB-143. R.4. Die State II. This is the second use of the obverse die that was used to strike all three of the 1799/8 die marriages. The reverse die has 13 stars under the clouds. The reverse has a die break from the border through the right side of the D in UNITED, helping identify it as the B-2, BB-143 variety. This reverse die will be used later in striking the rare 1799 B-19, BB-155 variety. The same die break from the rim through the D in UNITED can be observed on specimens of the B-19, BB-155 marriage. This specimen is quite lustrous, with light silver surfaces on both the obverse and the reverse. Numerous die flaws (as struck) are present on the obverse, especially around LIBERTY. The reverse is struck from a late die state, with a die crack running from ATES through OF and continuing through AME of AMERICA. As mentioned in Bowers, the die crack becomes "multiple" between the wing and A of AMERICA, showing clearly on this high grade specimen. A few scattered contact marks are noted on both sides of this coin, which are consistent with the grade.
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