1800 $1 12 Arrows MS (PCGS# 6890)


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Lot Description
1800 $1 12 Arrows MS63 NGC. B-17, BB-196, R.1. Bowers-Borckardt Die State IV with a slender die crack from star 6 to the ribbon. In 1993, Bowers considered this die state to be scarce. He also wrote, "AU specimens [of BB-196] are in the rare category, and Mint State coins are exceedingly rare." Early dollar specialists identify BB-196 by the mint-made die scratch above the left foot of the 1 in the date. The reverse die is also unique to BB-196, and is interesting for its count of only 12 arrows, one less than the proper number. This blundered count causes BB-196 to receive its own Guide Book listing. Like most examples of the variety, the present coin exhibits bold clash marks that give Liberty a "collar" along her bust. The bust outline is clashed near OF, and clashes from clouds above the date have the appearance of waves. Wing feathers are clashed in front of Liberty's mouth. Two delicate die cracks between the date and star 1 are also characteristic of the die marriage. This high-grade Heraldic Eagle dollar is fully patinated in apple-green, plum-mauve, rose-red, and ocean-blue shades. Luster shimmers across the borders and devices. The surfaces appear uncommonly smooth to the unaided eye, and the use of a loupe locates only minor contact, largely confined to the obverse field near star 2 and the reverse field near the I in UNITED. No adjustment marks are present, and the strike is precise, particularly on the eagle's breast feathers and on the curls near Liberty's ear. Most early dollars in Fine to XF grades, and the advent of a Select Mint State example provides a fleeting opportunity for the advanced collector. NGC BB-196 Census: 2 in 63, 1 finer (11/07).
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