1803 $1 Large 3 MS (PCGS# 6901)

2009 December Houston, TX US Coin Auction #1132

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1803 $1 Large 3 AU58 NGC. B-6, BB-255, R.2. The usually seen Die State II, with a hairline die crack connecting stars 8-9 and another connecting stars 10-12. This is the only Large 3 pairing for the date. Star 1 is distant from the hair, while the 1 in the date virtually touches the lowest curl. Star 13 is near the forward bust tip. The durable reverse die was paired with different obverse dies dated 1801, 1802/1 (two), 1802, and 1803 (two or three). The point of the leftmost arrowhead is under the left edge of the N in UNITED. The eagle chomps down on a star point, and the first A in AMERICA joins the third feather and is connected by a die break to the fourth. This silver-white piece with light gold accents shows only faint rub on the high points that separates it from Mint State. A few light, scattered marks are of little import, and the strike is well-executed. The reverse is rotated about 45 degrees counterclockwise from normal coin turn. An attractive example of the Large 3 Guide Book variety, from the last year of regular-issue silver dollar mintage until 1840.
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