1852 $1 MS (PCGS# 6940)

NY Signature Sale #380

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1852 $1 Original AU55 PCGS. It is a relatively simple matter to tell the difference between Original and Restrike 1851 silver dollars, as discussed above. Distinguishing the varieties of 1852 is much more difficult. Compounding the matter is the existence of both Original and Restrike examples in Proof format. Of course, all of the business strike dollars of 1852, such as the coin offered here, are considered to be Original strikings produced in that year. It is believed that all Original 1852 Seated Liberty Dollars were made from a single die pair, which we will describe. There is little unusual about the obverse. A small area of the die between Liberty's chin and neck is raised and unfinished, sometimes described as a "bearded Liberty." Digits 18 in the date are upright, with an italic 5. The final digit 2 appears to be slightly out of position, slightly low and leaning slightly to the right. Of course, the surfaces on both sides are that of a business strike, without any mirrored appearance in the field. The 1852 Proof dollars actually struck in 1852 were from a different die that was also used for the later Restrikes. The reverse is rotated just a few degrees counterclockwise, with the E of ONE exactly opposite Liberty's head. Proper coin-turn alignment would have the space between ONE and DOLLAR exactly opposite Liberty's head. It is the reverse that is more telling when making the determination between original and restrikes dollars of this date. The shield on the reverse has several raised horizontal and diagonal die lines in the spaces between vertical stripes. These are similar to some 1852 Restrike dollars. More telling are the extensions of horizontal and vertical shield lines, into the wings and below the shield. Most of the vertical lines extend upward into the horizontal shield lines, with the left most line of stripe 3 (pale 1 of gule 3) extending upward through five horizontal lines. Just left of the eagle's body are three feathers extending down fro
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