1973-S $1 Silver PR (PCGS# 7431)


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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1973-S $1 Eisenhower Dollar--Indented by 1.73 gm Planchet, Mated Pair--PR67 and PR67 RB NGC. When the planchet for this particular proof Eisenhower dollar entered the press, a small copper-based planchet also entered the striking zone between the larger flan and the obverse die. The two resulting pieces, both the indented Eisenhower dollar and the uniface copper-based planchet, are offered here as a mated pair. The 1973-S Eisenhower Dollar, PR67 offers gleaming fields and excellent preservation in general with minimal patina. A circular indent (from the piece listed below) obscures the vast majority of Eisenhower's head. Interestingly, the reverse is essentially unaffected. The Uniface Foreign Planchet Indent, PR67 RB, 1.73 gm, shows vivid blue-green, rose-violet, and magenta patina on the struck side, while the reverse, which displays a ghostly echo of Eisenhower's ear, is predominantly copper-orange with small swirls of blue-green and violet. The low weight of the planchet does not correspond to an American issue; the foreign planchet might have been intended for a Latin American coinage, such as the El Salvador centavo or the Panama centesimo.
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