1880 $4 Flowing Hair PR (PCGS# 8059)

The Gold Rush Collection

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1880 $4 Flowing Hair. Judd-1657, Pollock-1857. PR65 NGC. R.6. The Barber design. Reeded Edge.From The Gold Rush Collection. This specimen is quite pleasing for a number of reasons. The mirror fields are excellent and show only the faintest signs of hairlines. The strike is fairly sharp for this issue, although we note minor weakness at the center of Liberty's head as nearly always seen. The striation lines from the planchet rolling process run down to the left at approximately a 70 degree angle from horizontal. Identifiable by a tiny thin scratch on Liberty's temple which extends horizontally into her hair, and also by a spot on the lower obverse between the 6 and the star above, touching both. Another spot is seen on the outer point of the star between A and M. One the reverse we note a minute planchet flake located below the upper top serif on the E of STATES. There is also a tiny copper spot above the tail of the R in AMERICA. The NGC and PCGS population reports show a total of an even dozen graded this high, with just three pieces seen finer of this issue. Following a suggestion from Honorable John A. Kasson, minister to Austria from America, a gentleman who traveled widely, the $4 piece was conceived as being interchangeable at par (more or less) with similarly sized gold coins issued by various European nations. To promote international acceptance and ready determination of its metallic content, the obverse inscription was stated in the metric system, and noted that the $4 contained 6 parts gold, .3 parts silver, and .7 parts copper, yielding 7 grams of alloy, 90% gold as stated. The reverse stated the denomination as "ONE STELLA 400 CENTS," within a 5-pointed star. The long used motto E PLURIBUS UNUM appeared above, and the experimental motto DEO EST GLORIA below. Surrounding is the inscription: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/FOUR DOL. Interestingly, the particular reverse design states the denomination three different ways possibly a good item to insert in a numis
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