1795 $10 13 Leaves MS (PCGS# 8551)


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1795 Capped Bust Right Eagle. Taraszka-1, HBCC-3169, BD-1. Rarity-3+. 13 Leaves. MS-62 (NGC). Bright yellow-gold in color, with much luster in the protected areas for such an early gold coin. The strike is perfectly centered on a clean planchet. Notice the depth of the central devices, which required considerable force from the dies to bring up to this degree, while the surrounding dentils are a bit shallow, as a result of faint adjustment marks along the reverse rim only on the extreme edge. Examination of the surfaces finds a few wispy lines in the fields, all shallow and typical of these early gold coins. Note the eagle has virtually all his breast feathers&mdash;although weak, they are present, a testament to the strength of the strike. No signs of toning here, as all the surfaces are bright gold. The mintage of 5,583 pieces for the year has been reduced to perhaps 450-550 pieces today of the five known die combinations of 1795 eagles, of which a modest fraction can boast a mint state grade today. A significant number of these early eagles have damage or cleaning problems today, and thus are not certified in graded holders. NGC has awarded a mere 17 examples the MS-62 grade, with another 21 seen finer of this date. The Capped Bust, Small Eagle type was used for just parts of 3 short years, with the Heraldic Eagle style adopted in mid or late 1797. The "eagle", as these became known, were so-called because of the bird chosen to grace the reverse. Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey for our national bird, as so many other nations already had chosen the eagle for this purpose. Other founding fathers desired the eagle, so thus the "eagle" was born on our national coinage, and became the largest and most important coin struck for circulation for the first 55 years of our coinage.&nbsp;However, the considerable presence of Franklin nearly prevailed, and today&nbsp;numismatists might be forming a collection "Turkeys" instead of "Eagles".<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbs
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