1876-CC $10 MS (PCGS# 8675)

Dan Holmes Part II

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
A hint of light toning. Very rare date. Only 4,696 struck. This lovely coin joins others in the Carson City Mint pantheon that have a shot at Condition Census class in being every attractive. Pre-eminent figures of the past in the collecting of American gold coins and research were always attracted to CC-mint gold, as they are today. This coin stands as one of the most admired due to its association with the Centennial year of American independence, 1876.<BR><BR>The coin is natural dusky gold with the uncleaned appearance collectors respect and the grading service rewards. A prized grade rarity, examples are apt to be encountered in Very Fine grade. The Winter-Cutler reference notes: "From the standpoint of overall rarity, the 1876-CC is among the rarest of all eagles struck at this mint." Once the AU level is attained for this date, you have reached the pinnacle of the grading curve; there are no known Mint State examples. Pop 10; 8 in AU55; 3 in AU58.(PCGS # 8675) </B>. <BR><BR>Die note: Date logotype fully impressed, with numerals centered horizontally and vertically. The left edge of lower serif of 1 over left side of dentil. Die artifacts around first few stars. Reverse CC mintmark high and lightly impressed, both letters on the same plane with nearly a letter's space between E and N below, second C close to and nearly completely under tip of arrow feather above, just to right of center of N below. <BR>Estimated Value $15,000 - 17,000.
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