1907 $10 Wire Edge MS (PCGS# 8850)

The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money

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Lot Description
1907 Indian Eagle. Judd-1901, Pollock-1995. Rarity-3. Wire Rim, Periods. MS-65 (PCGS). This&nbsp;satiny and fully mattelike deep yellow-gold Gem Indian eagle is afire with bold cartwheel luster and excellent all-around eye appeal. Low magnification reveals swirling <em>raised </em>die polish lines throughout the fields on both sides, a noted diagnostic -- along with the wire rim or fin details and periods&nbsp;-- of this rare prize. The <em>Guide Book </em>gives a mintage for this rarity of 500 pieces, a figure that is generally accepted and that has not undergone any severe upheavals in&nbsp;recent memory&nbsp;-- even the oft-present Doubting Thomases have been comfortable with the 500 figure. Breen's <em>Encyclopedia </em>(1988) says that two examples were melted, no doubt for assay purposes, and that 50 of the 500 pieces were Proofs, thus leaving a total of 448 pieces struck for intended circulation. The issue is so scarce that it has long been considered a pattern as well as a regular-issue eagle, though that depends on where you stand in the argument. Either way, it answers to Judd-1901 in the Judd pattern reference. Of course, very few surviving examples of this rarity are known in anything other than Mint State, as many were passed out to dignitaries and others who saw fit to keep them safe rather than spend them at a later time. Of course, some pieces have disappeared in the normal course of events over the past century-plus, but the issue appears frequently enough that patient collectors don't have to wait years between offerings. As for this coin, if you mean to own a specimen and the MS-65 grade is not out of your reach, the acquisition of this gorgeous example with surely be a feather in your collecting cap.
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