1911 $10 MS (PCGS# 8868)

The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money

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    Stack's Bowers
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Lot Description
Glorious Gem Mint State 1911 Eagle Tied For the Finest Known 1911 Indian Eagle. MS-68 (NGC). One of the finest known of the entire type and tied with at most two others as the finest seen of this date. The mintage of 505,600 pieces saw the usual attrition rate with only a very low percentage surviving today. At the Gem level this date can be obtained with patience; at the Superb level there are a few more than a dozen certified, but at this top level of MS-68, there are just three coins. Frosty mint luster swirls over the fields and devices, showing the classic orange-gold and yellow-gold hues expected from a mint-fresh coin that has been carefully preserved. The strike is sharp on the central obverse as well as on the trailing leg of the eagle, areas often soft on this series. Close examination finds a few tiny nicks from brief bag handling. This is the final year of the 46-star edge device. In 1912 two additional stars were added reflecting the admission to the Union of two more states, New Mexico and Arizona. The tally remained at 48 until much later when Alaska and Hawaii extended our state count to a nice even 50 in 1959. PCGS# 8868. Provenance: From the Bentley Shores Collection. NGC Census: 3; none finer.
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