1913-S $10 MS (PCGS# 8874)

The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money

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Lot Description
1913-S Indian Eagle. MS-64 (NGC). This Choice Mint State 1913-S eagle is bright yellow-gold with ample luster in the fields and a hint of copper toning near the rims. The strike is typically sharp on the devices for this date and mint. No specks or spots are present, and a strong loupe finds little evidence of bag handling. The 1913-S eagle mintage of 66,000 pieces met the usual fate, with all but a small percentage melted in the 1930s.&nbsp;This piece is tied with a few dozen at this grade level with a total of seven coins certified finer when combining both NGC and PCGS.<br /> <br /> For many years the 1913-S was an undisputed rarity of the Indian eagle series. However, another condition rarity has emerged since the advent of certification -- the 1911-D and now other dates are known to be even rarer than this pair. In absolute numbers seen, these are fairly close and both deserve considerable attention. While there are a few more 1913-S coins certified when <em>all Mint State </em>grades are tallied, the difference lies&nbsp;in the very low MS-61 range. When a Choice or finer coin is needed, these two key dates run neck and neck as two of the most difficult issues of this elegant series. <br /> <br /> Focusing still on the 1913-S eagle today, of the entire&nbsp;864 grading events reported by NGC, 113 of these are&nbsp;in various Mint State grades. Of those in Mint State, 93 are in grades of MS-62 or below. Hence, this splendid Mint State-64 should be seriously considered for an advanced collection of this series by date and mint.<br />
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