1929 $20 MS (PCGS# 9190)

2010 April-May Milwaukee, WI CSNS US Coin Auction #1139

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1929 $20 MS65 PCGS. There are many U.S. coins that are so rare it is difficult to track down concrete information on exactly how many pieces exist, to say nothing of how many of those existing pieces are actually separate, certified individual coins without duplication. Only the most notable U.S. coins--the 1913 Liberty nickels, the 1894-S dimes, the 1804 silver dollars--have documented censuses that are so well-researched that we can say with certainty, "Only five pieces exist" or "Only 15 are known." There is a broad second tier of U.S. coinage, however, where information is woefully lacking--coins that are suspected of being rare to a greater or lesser degree, but where the exact degree of rarity is open to debate, speculation, and varying interpretations of the "facts" available. The 1929 double eagle is definitely a member of that class. When we were cataloging the Phillip H. Morse Collection in 2005, we wrote concerning his MS65 1929 double eagle: {blockquote}"All of the series issues from this date forward are great rarities in the Saint-Gaudens series. Of those five collectible issues (1929, 1930-S, 1931, 1931-D, and 1932), the 1929 is the most obtainable in terms of overall availability. Higher grade (MS 63-64) coins are occasionally available, but Gems are rare."{/blockquote} Both services combined have certified 26 examples of the 1929 in MS65, with only six coins finer (3/10). But an examination of the Gem and higher certified populations at PCGS reveals that, in comparison to the later issues, that service has actually certified more examples of the 1931 and 1932 double eagles in MS65 than of the 1929--25 examples of the 1931, and 28 of the 1932, compared to only 22 Gem 1929s at PCGS. There are also fewer examples of the 1929 in MS66 at PCGS than of the other two issues--five of the 1929, compared to nine of the 1931 and eight of the 1932. Rich mint luster cascades from both sides of this frosty Gem 1929 twenty. The surfaces are patinated in an exciting
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