1935 50C Connecticut MS (PCGS# 9299)

The September 2011 Philadelphia Americana Sale

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Lot Description
1935 Connecticut Tercentenary. MS-67 (NGC). At first glance this Superb Gem appears bright and lustrous, but there is a subtle glaze of rainbow toning when closely examined that entices the eye. The rims show more of the usual russet-gold flecks, while the pastel hues appear mixed over the surfaces and are best studied under a light. The surfaces are well preserved too, with minimal handling marks, thus retaining the Superb Gem level that is so desirable for date and type collectors to attain.<br /> <br /> Depicted is the famous Charter Oak, an icon in Connecticut history, a landmark until it blew down in a storm in 1856. This popular issue sold quickly in its time and was fairly distributed. Some critics said that the leaves were too large in proportion (making it look more like a bonzai plant than a real tree), but that was artistic license. The reverse, with a starkly modernistic eagle, reminds one of art on contemporary German medals and the like, evocative of the Art Deco movement, but not widely used on American coins and medals (although the same designer, Henry Kreis, used a comparable eagle on the reverse of the 1936 Bridgeport half dollar).
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