1795 $1 Off-Center Dr Bust MS (PCGS# 96858)

Baltimore ANA08 PN

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Draped Bust, Off-Center, B-14, BB-51, R.2 MS61 NGC. The B-14, BB-51 die pairing can be readily attributed by the Draped Bust obverse with the highest hair curl under the (LI)B, with the lowest curl distant from the 1 in the date and star 1 touching the lowest curl of hair. On the reverse a berry on the branch is midway under the A in STATES, a handy way to diagnose this die. The BB-51 variety is likely the third most common of all the 1795 early dollar die pairings, with the first the 1795 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves B-5, BB-27 marriage, and the second the B-1, BB-21 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves variant. Dave Bowers in the Silver Dollar Encyclopedia comments concerning this variety: "I believe the BB-51 to be the earlier of the two Draped Bust varieties dated 1795, as evidenced by the following: 1. The Draped Bust motif on the obverse was placed slightly to the left of where it should have been; this was corrected for the next variety, BB-52, and on all later dates of the type. 2. BB-51 exists in high grades in significantly larger numbers than does BB-52, and most of these are prooflike--indicating that some may have been made as presentation specimens of the new Draped Bust obverse, Small Eagle reverse design. Indicative of the availability of the issue, at the 1993 Florida United Numismatists Convention, dealer Ed Milas had three high-level Mint State coins on display." The present piece offers a wonderful mélange of pinkish-gold and ice-blue coloration on both sides. The reverse shows an area of pink-gold with an arc of darker gray patina and an extensive network of crisscrossing adjustment marks which, while not technically affecting the grade, come into consideration as an aesthetic consideration.
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