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SERIES: Territorials
LEVEL: Year, MintMark, & Major Variety

1849 $25 T. Reid (Regular Strike)

Metal Content:

Ron Guth: This is one of those remarkable rarities that we collectors dream of just being able to see.

Only one 1849 Templeton Reid $25 gold coin has ever existed.  Unfortunately, the only known example was stolen from the Mint Cabinet in 1858 and was never recovered.  It may still exist or, as Breen speculated "...the thief metled the ex-Mint coin to sell as bullion, rather than expose himself and his descendants to prosecution..."  Apparently, engraved illustrations of the Mint Cabinet example were made and we will attempt to locate a copy to post as an illustration.

According to Breen, the Mint Cabinet Templeton Reid $25 weighed 42.1 grams.

If a Templeton Reid $25 ever shows up, it will be one of the most exciting moments in American numismatic history.

Steven K. Nagy struck copper fantasy copies of the Templeton Reid $25 from dies purchased from coin dealer, Capt. John Haseltine.  The dies were supposedly contemporary dies made for Reid but never used by him.  Haseltine purchased the dies in the 1870's or 1880's but never struck coins from them.  The Nagy "Restrikes" are extremely rare by themselves.