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SERIES: (None)
LEVEL: Year, MintMark, & Major Variety

2011-W $50 Burnished Gold Eagle 25th Anniversary (Special Strike)

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$3,300 • PCGS MS70 • 9-16-2012 • Great Collections
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Jaime Hernandez: This is the third $50 Gold Eagle issue that the Mint offered this year. Earlier in 2011 it offered a Bullion Uncirculated coin without a mint mark and it also offered a Proof with W mint mark. The third $50 coin offered this year is the Collector Version of the 2011-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle.

The difference between this coin and the Uncirculated Bullion coin is that the Collector Version contains the W mint mark. Additionally, it also has a satin like finish which differs from that of the Uncirculated and Proof coins.

The Mint only issued the 2011-W $50 Uncirculated Gold Eagle Collector coins in a one ounce version. It did not produce them in the $5, $10 or $25 coins as it did for the Uncirculated non collector versions or Proof for this year

Issue Date: The Collector version of the $50 2011 Uncirculated Gold Eagle first went on sale at the U.S. Mint on May 05, 2011.

Issue Price: The Mint issue price was set at $1,778.00 for each coin. The average spot price of Gold that day was at about $1511. Leaving the mark up for the coins at $267. over the spot price of gold.