I just wanted to drop you a line to say that your website is my most frequently used numismatic information site - especially with gathering information on my type set.  Keep up the excellent work
-- Darrell T.

What a super information packed website!!!! EXCELLENT !!!! GREAT !!!!
-- Robert

As a novice to coin collecting, I find your site interesting, educational, and therefore quite valuable. Thank you.
-- Anonymous

Thanks to the ability to check on the value of a coin you have saved me thousands in mistakes thru the auction reports on the value or potential of a coins value. Keep up the honest work and thanks once again.
-- DK

The hint of how popular a given web-site is with me is where it ends up in my web-favorites; your site sits in the top of my lists.   I use your site continually to check stats on coins.   When updating my inventory it is a quick reference for coins, such as checking population report.  Maybe I am just too lazy to walk over and pick up my reference book!  In reviewing the 1999-w gold error coins your site came through with excellent notes on the coins...Many times when I am considering purchasing a particular coin I will check your site for information.  Your statistical reference, notes and related links are always of great interest to me as I pursue my hobby/investing interests.  Any historic and market information is always most welcome.  Always hungry for more information, and you have kindly provided many of us out here in numismatic world an excellent resource.  Thanks for all your hard work.
-- Vernon

This is such a great site!  The information about each coin and the pictures makes it an excellent site for the beginner.   I've recommended it to friends and relatives.  Thanks so much for your outstanding contribution.
-- Dr. JKB

I just wanted to let you know that I've found your site informative, easy to follow, and an excellent research tool. Good work!
-- TC