Why Collectors New and Old Need PCGS CoinFacts

Buffalo Nickel

PCGS CoinFacts delivers all the information you need with essential tools for collectors of all levels. You may become extremely knowledgeable about coins, but you’ll never outgrow the need for PCGS CoinFacts!

Just a few features include:

  • A wealth of information on nearly 30,000 U.S. coins, each with its own page with photos, statistics, expert narratives and links to all related information
  • Expanded PCGS Price Guide provides pricing (including history) for all grades
  • Auction prices realized from all major auctions for coins of all grading services, even raw coins
  • Survival statistics for all U.S. coins
  • Condition census for all U.S. coins
  • Expanded and continuously updated PCGS Population Report

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the Right Company to Deliver PCGS CoinFacts.

It’s a logical extension of what we do. Since our inception in 1986, we have graded over 24 million coins worth a total of over $26 billion! That’s why we’re one of the most respected names in the coin business.

Our graders, our board of experts, and our numerous associates rank among the most knowledgeable authorities in the entire coin hobby. They all share our founder David Hall’s dream of being able to provide all the answers to questions on U.S. coins. Collectively and individually they have accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge, and now they offer facts and commentary you won’t find anywhere else.

When it comes to serving collectors’ interests, no other company can match PCGS. We offer the Collectors Club, Authorized Dealer Network, Set Registry, eCollector e-zine, Online Photograde and much more. And now, PCGS CoinFacts – one of our proudest achievements.

Why You Should Collect Coins

If you are new to coins, why should you consider hanging onto your coins and enjoying the collecting hobby? There are a number of great reasons.

  • Coins connect us with history

    1652 Oak Tree 1849 Gold Pattern 1907 St. Gaudens

    The coins shown here include an example of the very first coins minted by the American Colonists in 1652. . . A model or “pattern” for the first $20 gold piece that was made after the discovery of gold in California. . .A beautiful example of the $20 gold coin Teddy Roosevelt commissioned in 1907 (this coin sold for nearly $2 million in 2007).

    Perhaps you’ve owned a Buffalo nickel or a Morgan dollar, two popular coins from yesteryear. You can find the information, both factual and anecdotal on ALL these coins, and yours, on PCGS CoinFacts.

  • Coins are the most popular collectibles today

    Coin collecting has been practiced literally since Ancient times, making it the most time-honored collecting hobby of all. In the U.S. today, an estimated 100 million people have coin collections of some sort.

  • The vast majority of high-end, rare U.S. coins have been graded and authenticated by PCGS or one of our competitors

    The few exceptions to this would be very early coinage like colonial coins and early copper, and coins that are in museums. There are other factors like eye appeal and historical value, but the value of a coin boils down to two things: rarity and condition (or grade).